Esquina Cubana

Step into Esquina Cubana, where we are more than just a restaurant—we are the embodiment of Cuban culture and flavor. Located in the heart of Miami Beach, we offer a vibrant atmosphere where memories are made amidst the rhythm of good mojitos and lively salsa music.

Our Specialties

Our menu features a delightful array of authentic Cuban dishes, each infused with the rich flavors of "Cuba Bella." Join us at Esquina Cubana and experience the warmth and hospitality of Cuba right here in Miami Beach.

Our History

Esquina Cubana has been a beloved destination for Cuban cuisine in Miami Beach, where the spirit of "Cuba Bella" lives on in cherished memories. Situated in the heart of the city, our restaurant has become synonymous with authentic flavors and vibrant energy.

From heartfelt conversations to unforgettable dining experiences, Esquina Cubana invites you to join us at the corner where every moment is infused with the warmth of Cuban hospitality. Come experience Cuba with us.